The Hype With Old School T-Shirts

04 Nov

Today, it seems that people of the new generation want to get their hands on old school t-shirts in one way or another. Old school t-shirts do not really mean that they are old shirts, they are still new shirts that come with old-school designs. Using old school t-shirts brings you back to certain memories that you have in the past that you can clearly take advantage of. If you want to get old school tees at a bargain, do not forget to consider going for t-shirt companies that sell new shirts but with a newer design from In order for your t-shirts to look really old school, you have to pay close attention to certain details when buying one. You know that you have found the perfect old school t-shirt if it comes with just the right kind of old school theme, old school print, and t-shirt fabric. These three elements will be further discussed below.

Old school t-shirt theme

Getting a Selene Gomez t-shirt is clearly not old school; well, yes, it can be after more than 25 years or more. In terms of old school t-shirt themes, ensure that you choose a t-shirt that brings back memories. Old school t-shirt themes are mostly those that people of today have become passionate once in their life. The most sought after old school t-shirts include the Mickey Mouse t-shirts, the Jimi Hendrix t shirts, and many more. As what you can see from the examples, these themes all come from 20 years old or more movies, bands, and TV shows. This goes to say that vintage t-shirts come with bands that have existed for a long time and not just bands that are existing now. Besides the abovementioned themes, old school tees still include shirts that come with vintage cartoons, super heroes, as well as sports in the classic times. Most of the time, what has been selling out with have to be tees that show concert halls and some defunct bands. It seems that t-shirts at that date back during concert dates for the past decades such as the 70s have been so popular.

Distressed t-shirts must be something that your old school tees must possess. You can achieve a distressed look among old school tees even if they are printed in silk screen or digital printer. Ensure not to choose shirts that come with crisp and clear prints. Old school tees look old school if their prints are faded or crackled, making them look as if they have been worn a great number of times. Know more facts about t-shirts at

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